Failed Husband, by Samuel Jones Jr.

As an ex-husband,I was head of my household.The devastating part of my failed marriage,was that,there was no one leading me!I had a wonderful that was willing to follow me.But I could not lead.Our marriage went wrong all because me(the husband),was not the man God created me to be.I could not lead her(my wife) Because Jesus was not leading me! If I could not lead her,why should she be submissive and follow me?Adam for example,could not lead! He allowed his wife Eve to be in a position she was never created to be in by allowing her to confront the enemy in the garden! Man is to be head of his wife according to the Word of God.The deviltook advantage of the situation,with me allowing him to destroy my marriage to a beautiful woman,my wife.A lot of men will say,she cheated on me or she did this and so on,blaming her!But the truth of the matter is,I failed my wife by not being saved and allowing Jesus to lead me.No matter what happened,in my marriage,it failed because of me,NOT MY WIFE! I did not operate in the position of authority which God has given me.Just like Eve,because Adam refused to operate in the position God gave him,he could not lead her. Now,as a man,God gave me a wife,to lead,love and provide for. It was my responsebility to also protect her from the enemy.You see,my wife was Gods gift to me as my helper.I need-ed her in order to be all God created me to be,COMPLETE! Just like Adam when he was created,he was not complete without Eve,a wife.I was not complete,with out my helper. But as for me, the failed husband,I did not know what it took to be a huaband,leader and provider for the beautiful wife God blessed me with.But I needed her in order to be all God created me to be and more.COMPLETE!! But now in prison for crime I did not do,I allowed God to transform me,excepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior,I learned what it takes to be a real husband.Now I can be a real husband who knows how to properly love and shower the wife God has for me in His plans with kindness,tenderness and respect.But always with God first,allowing Jesus to lead me.I would love to tell ex-wife,that I am truly sorry for being the failed husband.But thanks to God,I will never be a “Failed Husband”again.Some men may not understand about the failed husband because they are operating in the flesh and not the spirit.In otherwords,to understand the fail husband,one must allow God to transform.Then he must learn that Christ is the head of his life. He must learn to operate in the position of authority which God has ordained in creation.The husband and wife are created equal but have different roles in increation,man(leader) and woman(helper).I want to thank God for transformation and say that I am truly sorry for being the failed husband that I was ! P.S I am not perfect but as Jesus as my leader,my role as the leader of my household will be a big success,not a failure.

Samuel Jones Jr, #350216
1630 Prison Rd
Cottonport,LA. 71327

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  1. What an honest and reflective write up. It takes deep humility to put your hand your where you have been wrong and speak the truth. Most men will not admit they have been a failed husband. I pray that you will have a second chance to prove that you are not a failed husband. God is known for giving second chances. God is a transformer. Trust Him with all your heart.

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