Prison Life, by Robert Moore

I’m 47 years old and I was 25 when I was sent to prison. I was given a sixty year prison sentence for a drug over dose case back in 1998.the first case on overdoses of its kind in the state of Virginia.I’ve seen a lot threw the years from the supermax walls to the level-3 I’ve worked my way down to. if the tax payers only knew the half of were their hard earn dollars go,they would be a lot of law changes and far less prisons.the system claims to spend thousands of dollars on each inmate yearly. most of the money goes into to big mans Pickett.for example a few years back the kitchen had a food budget that at the end of each year it had to be spent up or they couldn’t get as much on the next years,so we ate good because the budget had to be spent on us. now the way it is is that the more they save in a year the better their bonus is. the prisons come up with so many programs just to be able to get more grant checks.they I’ll make a sixty,or seventy year ole man go to school if he doesn’t have w GED.if he don’t attend the counselors take good time away an if that person has a job they take that.but they want those sets filled so that big budget check keeps common on to somting else I want to talk about is medical. I have bone spurs on my spine and did the people out there know that they want prescribe nothing stronger than a 800mg motrin. they were giving me gabapentin but since the system made it scheduled five substance they took that from me without a substitute. they only want to give out depression meds for pain. years ago we had rights in here,we don’t no more.they get by with so much deglect.I shouldn’t have to live in pain night an day but I’m forced to. there is such much I’d like to speak about and story’s I can share. I can be contacted by jpay text system. also my case is open to the public feel free to look it I stated before mine was the first on of its kind so its in the law books.I will have a picture on this blog soon.I’ve just started and am new to this.thank you for your time. till next time. Robert e. moore#1003169 u can also write me at b.k.c.c corr. center p.o box430 dillwyn,va23936. . . I’m one of the guys awaiting and holding for a he fish back bill to pass.

Robert Moore
DOC #1003169

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