Dana Rister

Boche Ball? Violent Sport? by Dana Rister

yes in prison, everything eventually turns to violence. if three old guys are watching the ” golden girls” eventually a fight will break out. it doesn’t help that the government shut down the mental hospitals years ago, and a percentage of the mentally ill found their selves a new home here. and hell you don’t don’t have to enter prison mentally fucked up, to end up there. so ya get what we got here the other day, I’m just sitting on the bleachers in the sun watching the boche ball game when the shit talking gets serious and an old man gets his ass knocked the fuck out. happens all the time. some dope head can’t cover his losses at the poker table, its all bad…….there’s a democratic candidate her name is Marianne Williamson . she’s. a very spiritual lady in touch with the cosmic consciousness of the great spirit in the sky.her answer to all of Americas problems , Love……what a noble path…….sadly she’s not taken seriously, but can she really ? …well if every one on earth was of a like mind I think it might work but its not in the plans…..any well read christian knows the plan for this planet, and there’s a lot of darkness before the dawn. right now our planet spins around and right now we are all spinning around in this big toilet bowl….swirling along with the shit…waiting for the flush….let’s get Iran them nukes they want…..so they can usher in their Islamic paradise, their thirteenth iman .they can rid the earth of all the infidels, and they don’t want to wait. if they could they purge the earth of us right now. is Iran a peace loving tolerant people. there’s no Christians there’s no Jews there’s no gays in Iran, its illegal its a death penalty.Iran has chanted death to america for forty years, barrack Obama was a fucking traitor. he lied about the details of the deal….Fuck Iran….I had a button that said that in 1980. my love for them hasnt changed…….is the earth headed in a good direction ? are we still polluting ground water sources….Yes right here in this country we are doing it..not to mention what India and China are doing. will tree huggers or greed and corruption win the war to save or destroy the earth ?..What did we learn from Vietnam ? …nothing we went over to Iraq and made Isis..when will we learn an alternate way of doing things ? when torrnados tear apart a town, we just rebuild the town. we wait for the next storm. why isn’t anyone talking about building a tornado proof home, we have the ways and means. concrete technology has made flexible concrete with little bits of fiberglass and recycled ground up car tires. if you built a home in the shape of a dome out of this concrete it would withstand a tornado or hurricane. we have the technology to make tornado proof windows. you can build a square home inside the dome ya know timber framed walls with ninety degree angles. we can put a man on the moon. but we can’t make affordable tornado proof homes..and what’s up with floods? we could solve this problem too. underground aquaducts from all of the main rivers in flood prone areas to the dry areas of the southwest..this country used to do great things, hoover dam, the golden gate bridge.if america would have set its sights on mars fifty years ago, we would have a colony on mars. we could claim the whole fucking planet for our own…..have I lost my mind ? to think so far outside the box ?

Dana Rister #609147
jpay or
po box 4501
Lima Ohio 45802

…. thank you Suzie…

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