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WRITE MOM A TICKET, by Sean K Lancaster

I was at dinner tonight sitting with four guys talking about their prison jobs, and how when they tansfered here their pay was cut in half, and some were cut more than half.

So I just sat there listening to these guys, and how they were getting screwed, like it is something new. I have known some of these guys for years, and they have been getting messed over for years by the system, and yet they act all shock when it happens again, and again. 

Maybe it is a human coping mechanism, and they just feel so powerless that they just have to forget the last time they got ripped off, and just keep grinding on. 

So after listening to these guys for awhile I say you know how to stop getting ripped off, just don’t go to work. The system has gotten these guys so beat down, and scared that they will not even say anything about what I just said to them, and I can see they are just venting. 

So walking out with one of these guys I say to him, you know that a bunch of college kids have more juice then us because the student’s at the UW stood up against the system in protest for paying prison worker slave wages.

I further went on to talk about the prisons corrupt business practices, and how the system was breaking state law by putting fraudulent product identification on their product, so that they would not have to pay prisoners minimum wage.

This guy regurgitated the CI propaganda that had been spread around to cover for the broken laws, not just state, but federal law too. This prisoner said ya I guess there was some kind of way CI sold this stuff to a out of state operation because it had something to do with sales to a none proffet organization.

I said well if what you just told me is true, that it was legal for CI to transport fraudulently labeled producs across state lines to avoid paying prisoners minimum wage by legal means of the none profit angle, then why would CI have you guys put the fraudulent labels on the product made in this state but the labels said they were made in the state they were being shipped to by a prison in the other state.

The guy said to me, let me tell you how I see it. If my brother was here, and someone came up to me, and said your brother did me dirty, I would just say so what he is my brother, and I got his back know matter what.

I got what he was saying, and even came up with one of my own. So if a cop pulled a car over for speeding, and upon getting close to the car, and recognized the driver to be his own mother, does this cop write his mother a speeding ticket. Hell no he does’nt, and this is the samething with, DOC, CI, The AGs office, and any other state agency’s that might know something because they all know, they’re just not going to write mom a ticket.

Sean K Lancaster

DOC #993150

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