Derrick Holt

Louisiana Injustice, by Derrick Holt

Greetings everyone ! my name is Derrick Holt here at the Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola,Louisiana.I’m originally from Florida but I grew up in Georgia. I was arrested in Jefferson Parish ,Louisana on Sept 6,2003 and convicted on April 28,2008 on the exact date of my son’s birthday. I’m currently serving two consecutive life sentences,however Im very hopeful that that will one day change .
Since my incarceration I’ve gotton my GED,a welding certification and a Associate and Bachelors in Christian Ministry from The New Orleans Baptist Seminary within a 9 year time spand.I plan to further my education in the near future by pursuing a Masters . I also discovered that God has given me a great talent. I have become a good artist.I love to paint and draw wild life scenery,family potraits and other things.
So now I want to discuss a serious issue as it relate to injustice within the criminal justice system here in Louisiana.For a long time Louisiana has had one of the highiest incarceration rate in this country.I do believe if a person break the law he or she should take responsibility for their action.For many Its hard from them to believe that corrupt detectives and prosecutors exist in the court rooms.Its really difficult to fight or speak against a judical system with many powerful sources. I was convicted when the court allowed the prosecutor to introduce fabricated DNA evidence that was never tested,in fact the prosecutor never called a forensic expert to testifyas to the identity of the red like substance on the evidence presented.A taped statement was later played before the jury of a eyewitness that never appeared.I never had the opportunity to cross examine this witness.The courts did care about my Constitutional Rigths as a born citizen of this country.The judical system publized my case as if I was a heartless man.I want people to get to know the real me.I am inspired to write and to discuss my experience with the entire world.
As a person who really believes in God I understand exactly what Apostle Paul meant in Romans.Allow me to paraphrase.”we know that all things work together for the good who are called.” Every thing in life happends for a reason.I hope that this would one day inspire me to write a book.I hope to hear from you in the near future.If you are interested please let me hear from you.I’m providing you two contacts.Trenna Dixon 786-985-5197,Keyon Holt,334-714-9892.Thank you for you time.

Derrick Holt
DOC #539265

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  1. Tell your story and hopefully the truth of your injustice by the Louisiana racists will spark an outcry or an individual willing to get in your corner. I am reminded of the Hurricane and his wrongful incarceration by corrupt police whose writing was seen by a young man who inspired the release of Hurricane Carter eventually. Good luck sun


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