John T. McWhorter

Penitentiary Rich 2, by John T. McWhorter

Hey Mad World, being penitentiary rich means a lot of obvious, and a lot of subliminal things. What “penitentiary rich” is not, is monetary value, or the increase of stuff you can take with you. Penitentiary rich is exclusive or only for those who acquire stuff that hold value behind bars. For example, “you can have a piece of everything but no peace of mind.” You are rich once you discover freedom resides on the inside of You. That freedom is not a departure, but an arrival, not a destination, but an awakening. The rich part is only meant to describe the sacrifice or the lack there of, and the penitentiary part, is meant to express the bondage, the lack of intellectual property, the misplaced energy, the search for glass diamonds and the hope to gain something for nothing. Sowhile penitentiary rich sound good, don’t buy into the stigma of selling your personality, but buying your character. Penitentiary Rich is a state of mind, not a state of being. Be rich, Do rich things, Have richest.
Penitentiary Rich.

John T McWhorter

DOC #772043

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