Davonte Jones

Introduction Blog, by Davonte Jones

My name is Davonte Jones, but everyone calls me Tayway or Tae. I am 24years old. My birthday is July 31st, so I will be 25 soon. I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio, but I’m looking into other states to move to when I’m released from prison. I been locked up since 2013. My outdate is July 27th 2021, but its very possible for me to come home a lot sooner then that. I work out a lot, I actually plan on pursuing being a personal trainer when I’m released from prison. Im very motivated and dedicated to being the best I can be and accomplishing all my goals. I also would like to own my own record label one day. My entire body is covered in tattoos, all but my face. I am single and wouldn’t mind meeting and getting to know someone (female). I’m into sports, mainly football and my favorite team is the Pittsburgh steelers. I’m a laid back person that likes to have fun and enjoy life. I’m a easy person to get along with and very big on loyalty and honesty. Thank you for taking the time to check out my page. An a special thanks to Suzie Jennings for creating this website and helping us inmates get through these hard times a lil easier!!!

Davonte Jones
DOC #740-942

you can reach me on a app called jpay or jpay.com. I am locked up in a prison called RCI that is located in chillicothe, Ohio. Feel free to reach out anytime you like.

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