Jawuan Williams

Relationship Trust Account, by Jawuan Williams

Through my own ignorance to natural law I would jump from relationship to relationship looking for balance outside of myself and acting like I was the price in each situation when in fact I didn’t even price myself smfh. In my mind I thought I was the man but how can I be a man when I wants even man enough to keep it real with the women I was dealing with. I was very selfish by withholding the truth I took away each females god given right to make an adequate decision on if the wanted to be a part of the rotation I had going on. Bit my issues were internal trust issues that would eventually destroy each relationship I was in. I finally took a step back and realized the harm I was causing by understanding natural law. Remember: No relationship can build until we keep it real! Love is the union of two opposites and the differences in both have caused a major divide over time. Men don’t trust women, women don’t trust men and neither one of us understand each other. Most of our relationships are based on lies for the fear of being played. That we hold back from expressing our unique truth within the union and from showing our false representative we get lost in the criminal act of fronting. The word trust is a banking term that’s used to increase confidence between individual account holders as trust in opposites in a relationship is built on confidence in each other. But real trust is a personal security of deposits made to increase esteem called daily rituals that are based around the knowledge of natural law through understanding of natural law one can go from typical overdrawn trust issues into positive deposits that increase balance. The law of mental gender states that everything has both the masculine and feminine principles and that gender manifests on all planes the left side of our brains hemisphere is the masculine aspect that is the intellect that also holds the logical, analytical and linear thought processes. While the right brain hemisphere is the feminine aspect that is intuition that also holds the creative, compassionate and holistic thought processes. So often we let ourselves down by not keeping promises inside our mental household that the outside world automatically becomes a dark place. its because we don’t hold ourselves accountable and we lack the discipline in whatever we set our minds to. The mental gender of the mind requires for eternal security because real trust begins and ends with the self. The mental system like banking system has to have balance for proper activity to take place without inner balance from following natural law we can’t truly treat anyone else proper this is why all laws are property laws the word proper is in property the deposit that increase balance are daily rituals of doing something every single day towards our own happiness when we stick to our daily rituals we increase our self confidence that leads to personal trust for example sticking to a ritual of exercising, reading, laughter or just being alone consistantly are some of the great deposits that increase the mental account of trust after we accumulate a significant balance in our mental account from daily rituals we can now enter a relationship without overdrawing someone else’s mental account. If anything both parties in a relationship should be adding to each other instead of the stress of constant withdrawals. The imbalance we see in many relationships is due to the ignorance of natural law and when we don’t trust ourselves we can never fully trust anyone else. Trust issues are personal things that individuals have to fix. When two people come together it becomes a joint account of trust and a relationship based in faith adds heavy deposits into the bank account of trust. But through the transgressions of natural law the joint account becomes overdrawn into negativity from the robbery of disrespecting each others sovereignty. Remember: Transgressions to natural law will always cause harm. A transgression is any act that breaks the law. And the transgressions of natural law are based on the principles of cause and effect that state that for every effect there is a definite cause. Likewise for every cause there is a definite effect. Our thoughts, behaviors and actions create specific effects that manifest and create our life as we know it. Our right and wrong are both actions and based on the natural law of cause and effect all actions have consequences. The mystery system of natural law has been called the occult when means knowledge that’s cut off from plain sight. The knowledge that’s been hidden fro. the masses is that the transgressions of natural law are all forms of theft that cause harm for example murder, robbery, rape, bodily harm and withholding the truth are all transgressions that cause harm by violating the rights of others. In order for harmony to arise in our personal relationships we have to do what’s right by again respecting individual sovereignty because all rights are what? Property rights and the problems that arise in most personal relationships stems from the psychosis of not knowing the difference between right and wrong.

In simple terms, what’s right and correct is solely based in the truth of natural law which never commits harm to another. And what’s wrong and incorrect in something always causes harm. All violations of natural law cause harm and the crux of natural law is knowing the difference between both actions. Once we care enough to make decisions based on natural law any relationship can elevate to higher levels of harmony and balance.
In Genesis 1:1 it says in the begining was the word and the word was with God and the word is God. This scripture reveals the vibratory power of the spoken word so the begining of any healing alone on any level is the apologizing through verbal communication Not in text messaging someone or emailing them but by using the vibration of sincere words to produce the frequency of forgiveness. Without pride involved admitting a mistake is grounds for a better relationship through the harmonious foundation of natural law because like I said before no relationship can build until we keep it real.

Jawuan Williams
DOC #A642179

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