Davin Wallace

Bitter/Sweet, by Davin Wallace

Its bitter sweet to be apart at times from the one you love so deeply & intimately. Bitter because of the moment being taken away to enjoy all the beautiful & sexy aspects that never cease to catch your attention nor cease to move you in ways no one else can. We get attracted & distracted at times by eyes, lips, a walk, cheeks, a chin, hair, a smile, laugh, attitude & more. And when we fall in love with those features we miss them when we can’t enjoy them up close & personally. Sweet because in separation from those aspects or better yet from the person who possess those aspects, we come to realize how much we love that person & everything about them that arouse our thoughts, heart & even flesh. And in that momentarily separation our professed love is proven to prevail a small test of times. So for myself i insist on moderate space at times & welcome forced separation with the understanding it’s momentarily & its inevitable. In these moments relationships are broken or grow deeper & stronger. i want it to be revealed whether is “we” for us & do we really want a “we” enough to sacrifice for it. We can want a thing until the pressure/test comes & then we give up & run to the next seemingly best thing for us. i’ve expressed my desire to be locked in w/beauty & sexiness that my mind, heart & eyes can enjoy & appreciate every chance i get.
It’s bitter sweet to see how being upset take away from one’s beauty & sexiness. Bitter because the details of one’s beauty is being compromised, & of course pain for one is pain for the other. And in no way is pain beautiful nor sexy. Sweet because in that moment of pain it does allow one to experience the other’s every emotions & feelings, & its the opportunity where the one in pain can experience the compassionate, sympathetic, empathic, loving, support of the one they love & need at that moment to create & encourage something beautiful & sexy (joyful) out of something so painful. i am willing to taste the momentarily bitter parts of life & love in order to have the forever lasting sweetness of a life in love. Glory be to God for bitter & sweet. God bless you!!

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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  1. At times the one who loves so deeply doesn’t like the moments apart which causes the bitter but yet the love that has grown shows through the wait which is so sweet. Then one can say til we meet again.

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