Joseph Richendollar

by Joseph Richendollar

i was wondering if you could help me out by letting people know about my music and what i’m doing with it.(???) you can type,”joseph richendollar” into,”spotify,itunes,amazon,google play” or pretty much any other music provider and check out the two songs that i currently have out there. i donate 50% of all proceeds from,”time” and,”oorah” to,”wounded warrior project.” like everyone else,i’m sure that when you hear them you’re not going to believe that they were recorded right here at,”G.C.I.”
i’ve got 18 more songs just as good,if not better that i’m going to try to hold off on putting out until i’m released from prison-but seeing as how i’ve still got 3 years and 8 months left to do i just might put out a couple more if i had someone to help me promote them.
thanks for your time.
sincerely,joseph r$

Joseph Richendollar
DOC #A380009

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