Davin Wallace

Don’t TRIP Over The Thoughts, by Davin Wallace

Not literally asking the question, “am i blessed”, but sometimes going thru the day the question pops up in my mind. I then wonder is this having no faith or trust in God. After hearing these thoughts i usually pray, thanking God for who He is & for what He has given me as my Redeemer & what He has blessed me with concerning the desires of my heart that’s in line with His will & asking Him to speak to me concerning His will for my life. After wrestling w/the worldly thinking & by the grace of God coming to receiving God’s wisdom, my thoughts recalibrate & focuses on the goodness of God’s grace, love & mercy. i’m now reminded i don’t deserve a crumb from the floor of God, but He gives me abundantly from the storehouse of His heaven anyway, even when i don’t recognize it or appreciate it. How often do we mimic the children of Israel & quickly forget about how He has delivered us from the darkness, enemies & ourselves; provided us with ways to eat, pay bills & raise our children. Some of us would be dead, some w/cancer, some locked away w/no way out, no love, no family, still addicts, still in our stinking thinking etc etc. But by the grace of God His grace & glory Has shined on us & on the future ahead. But can we walk in that faith. i definitely desire to do so w/confidence that God finishes/completes all that He start. i know its God’s will for me to be free, be a great father, be prosperous & to have a good thing in a wife whom i will be a great husband to. And if it’s God’s will i wait in faith to have all this as i believe He has revealed it to me. How can i not have joy in my God who can do all things who chooses to give to me by grace thru faith. He has literally revealed to me my deliverance & freedom from prison & the 34 year sentence i had & has shown me my wife(likewise23). All i have to do is continue to stand still & watch the Lord’s already established promises, privileges & miracles manifest in the natural/ be finished. With saying i thank God for my beautiful, sexy, healthy, intelligent, hard working (need rest) soon to be wife, my freedom, great health, successful business & intimate relationship w/my children, wife & most important Him.

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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