William Bethea

Beautiful Women, by William Bethea

Beautiful Women,
Where shall I being ?
Intelligent, classy, and strong,
Putting up with brothers for so very long.
Inspirational, Independent, and Talented,
Always to be appreciated, never to be taken for granted.
Mother, Aunts, Sister, and Grandmothers.
Always there, always supportove , holding families together.
The center of Black Pride,
Queens of Dignified, Dive Personified.
Single, Married, and Hard – Working,
Raising babies, loving wives,
and still holding down good cooking.
Soft, Sensitive, and Sexy,
It’s a privilege and a pleasure to have you next to me.
Easily my Better Half,
Making two into one, using the lover’s math.
My Beautiful Women, out of all GOD’S creations,
We were made to last.


William Bethea
DOC #000371779-D / 684745

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