Antwan Hood

A Few Things, by Antwan Hood

I guess I have found a outlet of some sort in this thing I call life inside of life the anticipation of my parole hearings is on my mind this is the end of the road so I am free sooner or later but nobody likes to be kept in limbo.I am at a point where I have to succeed by all means. that is the only thing on my mind.find me a job I don’t even know how that is going to pan out because I have two brothers that only work for months at a time and they have been free they whole lives .I just want a chance at making a good primary income that will give me the opportunity to have a passive income that will succeed my primary then I can start a lil late but all in all living life instead of just trying to get by.I understand that is the most important thing in my life everything thing else is going to have a positive trickle down effect because everything that I want will not even matter anymore but everything I need is going to be attainable it’s just the underlying fears that I have from trying to make that transition a reality and the unknown journey I must travel

Antwan Hood
DOC #451232c/967018

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