Major McCormick

In Who? by Major McCormick

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust in GOD we trust. How many of us truly trust in G-O-D? When was the last time you said GOD has it and truly know that he has it? Knowing that he has it means, before you do any of the calculations, the worrying, the begging, the looking for an answer. In other words there is no brainstorming in GOD. You wake and you have 0 in your bank account. The tire on your car explodes . You A. Panic and worry.? B. Know that GOD has a plan already in place? If you are honest more than likely A. was your answer. Trust has to be a knee jerk response. According to the scriptures Peter walked on water. His first response was one of faith. He asked if it was Jesus, to command him to come to him on the water. Once on the water Peter walked until he recognized the wind. In other words once he paid attention to reality he started to sink into the dreadful thoughts that came along with reality. The situations in our life are sometimes stormy ,unpredictable ,windy, and we focus on the winds instead of trust. Now when you see these words “Trust GOD!” Trust Him!

Major McCormick
DOC #686-167

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