Travis Smith


part 3. universe 2. A Girl and Neptune. August

The drive from California had taken all evening. She was exhausted and hungry. But the ever present sexual chemistry that hung between them like a static field of electricity became wildly charged up and they kissed in the dark room. The thoughts of shadowy bogeymen receded from their minds and was replaced with the erotic emotions of sensual feelings that flooded both of their bodies as they absentmindedly floated to the bed and threw themselves down onto the lushly soft sheets and swallowed each other up with an embrace that fused them together into a lustful passionate climax. They collapsed into a limp heap staring into the buzzing dark and absorbed the quiet peace with a wanton satisfaction. These were the times when the two shared a psychic connection , each appreciating the strange and mysterious nature of life and reality. Having this connection was something neither of them took for granted. Besides immediate family , this kind of bond between minds seemed a rare phenomenon. And of course this was different than what one had with family. This was special because of the unique nature of what drove the connection. There undoubtedly were numerous people that shared attractions , but most lacked the necessary ingredients to allow such a longevity.
Sara sat at the table as Travis carefully handled the two pieces of meat in the pan. Pasta was boiling on another burner. Sauces simmered on yet a different one. The pleasant aroma sifted throughout the room exacerbating their hunger. Sara sat with her chin resting in her folded hands for a moment. She watched Travis avidly attending the many sizzling pans , rushing around like a cook in a restaurant. She didn’t realize she was smiling in amusement and then became self conscious. she said ” I’m sorry , you need some help there , chef. I’m just sitting here like I’m at a fancy restaurant that provides erotica dishes before the main course.”
” No , please stay sitted , miss. This is your night of R&R. Let me show my dedication to your every little desire and pleasure, sex and food.” he smiled at her to let her know he was serious and enjoying the chance to show his genuine appreciation of their relationship. She always showed her affection for him whenever the opportunity existed , now he wanted to reciprocate. He still remembers the first time they drove to Mount Wilson. It was a delightful trip that held the anxiety and anticipation of new romance and adventure. When night came Sara had fallen asleep with her head resting against her hand on the window. He kept glancing over at her and thinking about how beautiful she was. Her hair dangled around her face and her lips glistened in the full moon. They had known each other for awhile but not well. Both ended up in astronomy together. Before that they had talked here and there. They seemed very comfortable in each others company. He always feared she would meet some great guy that would sweep her off her feet and the two would disappear into the infinitude of past history paths never to be seen again.
But here she was at his house in the middle of the night. And it wasn’t like they were living the most typical lives. He had to admit he was enjoying the sense of excitement these mysterious men were bringing into their lives and the fact that they were astronomers. And to make things even more unlikely, they seemed to have a strongly developing love for each other.
He pulled everything out of the pans and onto plates. He poured them some wine and sat down. They talked and ate. At first they ignored the possibility that two strange men may be lurking outside nearby watching them for some unknown reason. After they ate lightning suddenly started flashing in the kitchen window changing the mood of the late night and soon the conversation turned to the topic of the photographs and the men who were for some reason pursuing them as if the storm was signalling the change.
Thunder boomed and shook the house. Sara spoke ” What exactly do you think we photographed that would cause …” She paused and shook her head ” what , military or government men , to come hunt us down. How the hell did they hear about them anyways?”
Rain now violently pounded the roof. The windows turned violet with rapid flashes of lightning followed by the house shuddering with the shockwaves of thunder. ” My theory is that either the Russians or Germans , or our government , are testing new craft and routine surveillance of places like observatories allowed them to realize that someone had photographed the test.” He stopped and waited for her to respond.
She was looking at him and then turned her gaze to the window. She caught herself expecting to see the sinister silhouettes of their stalkers standing amidst the storms fury. She sighed and looked back at Travis. ” Well , what do we do? Report it to the observatory or the university. Or just wait to see what they do next?
I think we should just go on like its nothing and wait and see. We have time on the telescope next month. I’m definitely not going without you. And you better not take off early like last time and leave me there alone.”
Travis smiled. He liked the idea of being the needed partner and protector of his friend. ” Never happen again, I promise.”
There was someone standing across the street from the university looking in Travis ‘ direction. Sara was still inside at her office. Travis stood under a tree smoking a cigarette and felt the sensation he was being watched. When he snuck a couple of glances at the likely suspect he was surprised. This was a dark haired woman with freckles. Sara had placed images of stern looking men in trench coats and hats, but he felt she was one of them.

Travis Smith
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