Tribute To My Lady, by William Bethea

To you I say this : There is nothing more embittering than the trials and tribulations that are faced by the faithful woman of an imprisoned man. The shame and stigma of prison falls upon
your innocent shoulder, even more so than mine. For you must be met by the

” I told you so’s ” of Society, Tormented by the painful fires of adversity, Lashed by the cruel tongues of ridicule, and mocked by hypocritical friends, yet you wage a brave fight to preserve your dignity. Certainly there existsb no Greater test of love than this.

For you must bare the ridicule of you own relatives toward the man you love. Yet they say that blood is thicker than water. Unhappiness and discomfort prod your soul ; Everyday the hurt within you grows more bitter. Scoundrels try to dissuade you from the path of fidelity, yet you fight on bravely, waiting for the man you love yo return. You are worthy inspiration of the man behind bars, as we both long for the day to return to each other, sure of the happiness of which we have both been deprived.

You are my “Queen” among women, for you bare the regal quality that associate with a Mother : Courage, Faith, Loyalty, and Nobility. As I close this tribute to my Lady, I vow to labor diligently in hope that some day soon, I will be able to give you the happiness that you have earned.

For you, My Lady, who deserves the best of what a man can give, nothing is too good. In our present circumstances, the incarcerated man is somewhat less than you deserve. But never the less, I will do all that can be done in life to make everything better for you, because the love I have for you is just that great.


William Bethea
DOC #000371779-D / 684745

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