Hubert Antoine

by Hubert Antoine

when will it stop! the violence in jail the violence on the streets, from cops and prison guards who think being in control of our lives at some point in the name of safety is a pass to commit personalized crimes against the public and those in custody. an asthmatic was killed the other day after being maced excessively from constant inhalation of this chemical agent. what next,a noose, what about food poisoning. who knows the extent these violators will go out of hatred and malice or just plain old rogue teachings that are traditionally spread on to the next generation of cop or guard.
non violent offenders are released everyday and there are not laws in place to release violent offenders as if one act of violence means this individual will never be capable of being a good citizen has been proven that long prison terms turn non violent offenders violent and that after,let’s say,10 to 15 years since the violent crime some one committed would not ever be committed again by this person , especially one who has taken every opportunity to utilize the self help programs and higher learning opportunities to ensure a successful reentry back to society;how many cops have exhibited violent behavior but never indicted or even charged. the training they have to kill or disable a person is a lot more lethal than a one time violent offender who has served 10 or 20 years ,because this officer will do it again due to there being no consequence for his actions.
a person loses his social skills because of the lack of interaction with society so therefore prison only CREATES an introverted methodical criminal mind.
prison in it self Is more destructive and non-conducive to the public without any alternate forms of punishment that matches the crimes committed by someone ; the problem with officers and prison guards is not to be ignored. people are killed all over this country by them everyday of the week but it is always covered up or made to seem as if certain measures were taken because of what the offenders have done to prompt their violence..
who has solutions since the people who go to colleges and are employed by prominent circles of thinkers still have not been avid in abolishing prisons.
this institution of the prison market is so profitable that even Donald trump an Bob barker along with many more notable figures,have 100 % investments in the prison system. it about a dollar ,right?
at the expense of taking the parents from homes and forcing them to be single struggling ones who have to be dysfunctional in their rearing processes when the men are absent or the state has to intervene and place the children in custody. its all about a dollar right.?
not about creating a better society. not about what’s best for the common good of Americans,since we have more people in prison and on parole or probation than any other place in the world, but this is the land of the free?………yeah right.
well my beloved society I will be blogging again soon .until then please send resolves and remedies for the things I’ve said .and remember we are only as great as our greatest fight for true freedom , equality and justice, if those things really do matter.

c/2 a 2
1630 prison red.
cottonport, LA. 71327

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  1. You’ve made some very good points there Dude. I am a Brit living in the UK but I keep seeing instances of the kind of violence you are talking about on the news / in documentaries or on FaceBook etc. I keep hearing about the ‘land of the free’ but some of what I’m seeing is more like the land of Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia. This shit is not just happening in the US though, but the instances that do occur there seem to attract more media attention / coverage. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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