Maurice Cayne

An Unbelieveable Joy, by Roderick Dyette

I am currently in a re-entry program because I was recently granted parole. For me it is still a strong feeling of gratefulness. I have not felt so much joy since my baby sister was born. I remember being so happy for so long. watching my pregnant mother walk around with my sister in her belly was something I remember how anxious I use to be. I was so excited about another sister; and when she was born it was so incredible. I remember beating my mother to her crib ready to run to get her bottle in the middle of the night. Yeah those were the days of my most joy and it feels like that now so unbelieveable! I have been away for almost 30yrs and that same sister have been one of my strongest supporters. when I need to feel better no matter the situation I think of my sister and my mother (RIP) and I find a way to make it. Joy is an unbelieveable feeling.

Roderick Earl Dyette
DOC #1111137

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