Cameron Parry

Loneliness (part 2), by Cameron Parry

I have had one hell of a week! I lost someone that made me smile everyday, made every day a great day! I am lost, trying to find my self! I need some help mentally, some motivation.

Cameron Parry
DOC #729-326

Categories: Cameron Parry, LONELINESS

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  1. i know your pain there inside of you, and I am sorry for your loss. Grieving takes time to heal–even just to “get better”. Please bro, continue to blog or journal your thoughts down on paper…it does help! At the time of my responding to this, I am a little over a month from being out in the “freeworld” for almost 24 years. I don’t know your sentencing, but try, try, try with all your strength to write every feeling down! Who knows, you might right a book or even a song?


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