Travis Smith


part 3. Universe 4. A Girl and Neptune

Sara climbed onto the bed and shook Travis . ” wake up , I got good news. I can go , my mom is the coolest, man.”
” Okay ” Travis mutttered. Sara kissed him on the cheek and said goodnight. Calico jumped up on the bed and crawled in between them plucking the blanket with her claws purring as she did. All three slept and entered the REM phase.

Sara was walking in the dark. She could hear her footsteps echo as if she were walking on a hollow surface. But it appeared to be the natural ground beneath her. She was stepping on mother earth. She vaguely remembered seeing a sign that read welcome to New Mexico. She wasn’t sure where she was other than that or why she was out by herself. But she did seem to have a destination. The western sky was a deep purple with two bright lights in the sky. One had to be Venus and then perhaps Jupiter or Saturn. There was a town behind her and she was on the side of a black road that reached out into the unknown distance where it disappeared into oblivion. Cactii were scattered about to her right. An oddly out of place rock was sitting beyond two cacti and she noticed a dark building a little further past the rock. She instinctively headed that way.
Suddenly she was at the entrance of the building. Inside a eerie green light cast a sinister glow upon two occupants and a row of strange metal objects each with their on lights of various colors. The smell of burnt metal and fuel filled the place. And an indescribable odor on top of that. She realized she could hear voices. It was the sound of soft urgent whisperings coming to her like rubbing pieces of paper. And she recognized one of the people. It was Travis.
A dark haired woman stepped out of a shadow and Sara gasped in astonishment. She has dark curly hair and adorned a sprinkle of freckles about her eyes. But how could this be? Freckles wasn’t real. She couldn’t move or think what to do. This was unbelievable. Was she seeing a ghost? Sara could only stand there and watch. The woman was slow and deliberate in her movement. There was something dark about her, something insidious. She suddenly felt defensive about Travis and felt the need to protect him from her. Maybe because in her mind this was the woman who was tormenting her friend and now here she was in the flesh. This was just too weird. She remained frozen and listened.
Travis spoke ” why do we have to be here? You know I won’t let them do anything bad to little freckles. I don’t care how scared I am of them , I will kill for her, I will kill them.”
” Nothing bad will happen to little freckles. I promise you that. But she is important to them as well and she needs to be here.” Big freckles looked at him and smiled.But it was a smile that masked some ulterior motive and she took on the air of an oddly appeasing opponent in a chess match. She glided to him and put her arms around his neck and kissed him. Sara felt a twinge of jealousy but something even worse. She felt a inexplicable fear of this mysterious lady. She should feel anger , or alarm maybe , but not fear. And this was a deep fear that gripped her in a dreadful hold leaving her feeling helpless. She knew how Travis felt about her. And just when she didn’t think she could feel anymore uncomfortable , she realized big freckles was looking at her. And the look she was giving little freckles terrified her. She knew something was horribly wrong. Loud banging from somewhere deep in the building jolted her from this frightening staring contest. The banging grew louder and louder and Sara started screaming…
She opened her eyes and Travis lifted his head bewildered. He asked ” What’s wrong, why are you screaming?” Thunder shook the house and calico shifted her ears back and looked around with wide alert eyes.
Sara looked at him confused for a moment and then relief filled her. She put her hand on his arm. ” It was only a dream, thank god. I think I met big freckles”
” What?”

The next morning Sara and Travis headed out on the road. While they sped south toward New Mexico the old man appeared at the secret building complex in New Mexico. He walked through the series of concrete and steel corridors looking for Sara. This Sara has dark hair and freckles around her eyes. This freckles is not human. She is from the nearest star system Proxima centuri. She is the leader of the small secret group of beings from this star system. Their people built a series of interstellar space stations that span the four light years between systems. It had been a progress going on for millions of years. Even though our stars were born out of the same nebular cloud , their planet formed life quicker and civilizations were not impeded by the same ideologies like religious oppression. This Sara was born on the outer fringe of Earth’s solar system and never saw her home planet in person. All she knows of it is from videos and pictures. Since their planet produced hominin beings so closely resembling those of Earth’s humans their race had no problems blending among them. A extremely secret government group has been working with them since one of their ships crashed in Roswell New Mexico in 1947.Sara and scientists from this group from earth have been producing hybrid specimens containing both human and non human DNA.
Sara’s people and the human government people have been violating ethnical practices in secret for years. The old man is an agent from a unknown group so covert that the agency running the proxima centuri group was unaware of them until the old man made contact with them. He realized Sara and her people had an evolutionary advantage over humans. Their brains seemed to develop abilities that are considered extrasensory here on earth. They have premonitions and can feel or sense what each other are thinking.

Travis M Smith
DOC #529433

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