Complimenting Her Poem, by Nekrumah Reid

Krum. Reid age 37
Poem’s title: Complimenting Her Oct. 2018

She means so much to me, I l would love to be, husband to be, She’s intelligent, She possesses all these major quailties, always acknowledging me, my intimate significant other, never down on me, but proud of me, never will talk down to me, She’s sweet, humble, loving, caring, radiant, She’s always great, a mature helpmate, an awesome cook, my better half, due the math, She puts herself last, slow to spend, together we bank that cash, did two bids with me, never gave up the stash, been rock in wit me since day one, long nights, spent weeks sleeping in the car, she made it fun, full of energy, She has potential, She straightens and tunes me when I’m out of key, She’s intellectually appealing, my tender-row-nee, She’s playful, lovey dovey, under the cover, cuddle n rubbing, loves when I massage and rub he feet, She even listens to my stories, She loves the Lord, a God fearing woman, I give Him the glory, a mother to many kids, a passion since a youngin, She’s my shortie, She’s loyal, She’s trusting, She hates fussing, She came a long way from where she was and use to be, She’s gorgeous, She’s open, hopeful, loves cucumber lotion, selfless, sexy in heels and a dress, beautiful when she wakes up, no need for make-up, smiles and waves good morning, to be flawless, a flawless wifey, She knows what it takes, if she was wit it, I’ll marry her today, She knows her name, her love never changed, now give me your hand as I present this ring, stop delaying this, and let the fat lady sing. {True Story}. Krum Reid “2019”

Nekrumah Reid
DOC #1492548

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