Terek Stjulien

Introduction Blog, by Terek St.Julien

My name is Terek St.Julien im from New Iberia Louisiana. Im 23 years old, Im incarcerated on an armed robbery I committed in 2014 i was sentenced to 15 years hard labor.Im scheduled to be released in 2025 .For 5 years Ive felt the feeling of emptiness and betrayal.In the mist of me finding myself , Ive lost many people that I thought were part of my life.
I now rather an empty shadow to walk with, because people will let you down unconsciously.Doing time has made me realize how much women diserve to be treated with a caring side.Now that im alone I desire to find that someone who wants a man who’s willing to be faithful to commiting to her.Life is beyond the games and my mind is now open to everything. I would love to meet a friend thats willing to open up .
if you’re interested write me
my information is

Terek stjulien
DOC# 632788
dorm hope c2
1630 prison rd
cottonport la 71327

write me through the mail or set up a jpay account

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