Appreciation From Some Inmate Bloggers

“Hi Mz .Jennings, much respect to this unique platform that you offer for those powerful voices that’s mostly forgotten.” -Jermaine Moore

“Mrs. Jennings, I truly thank you for providing a avenue for those locked up to not be locked out of society. You have been an important & precious vessel in my communication with & ministry to those on the opposite side of these prison walls. I also commend u for your dedication to & support for your husband & for being brave & bold on national television about your love for your husband despite the backlash. No one can decide who you should love. Your heart & mind has made its choice & now only u & your husband can dictate what happens now & down the road. I pray u & your husband be united soon on the other side & that y’all have a long loving prosperous intimate blessed life together. I don’t know u personally but I feel in my spirit you’re a great woman. God bless u.” -Davin L. Wallace

“Thank you so much for inviting me to become a part of the community. Thank you for giving inmates here at California Institution for Women a voice. Your efforts are very much appreciated!” -Jennifer Warren

“Dear Suzie, Thank you for your response and for creating this opportunity to reach out with information and hopefully facilitate positive changes within the system because of the shared information from the inmate population ourselves.” -Cindy Oakley

“I wanted to say Thank You for doing what you are doing for me and other inmates with your website.” -Scott Mitchell

“I don’t know you, but I do gather that you do have a big beautiful heart as you continue to put forth the effort to bless many others. I don’t ever want you to forget that I am thankful for you. And I really want you to know that I am praying for you. You deserve the absolute best! So I am expecting the very best for you. Again, I thank you Suzie. And as you bring joy to my life and many others I pray that you receive double joy in your life and family!” -Shara Cooper

~ A Brief History of InmateBlogger and the Co-founders ~

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