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New Video! New Video! by Matthew Epperson

February 10th was my 4 year mark. I have 8 1/2 until I’m free. The things that have happened since my incarceration far outweigh what I might have accomplished out there, and for that I’m grateful. I want to give a shout out to my parents, my brother Joe, Suzie Jennings, and my friend Chris. All of these people have been pillars in my life– major benefactors. My success will be owed to these people. I love you all and pray blessings on all of your lives.

Chris has added a video of me playing/singing onto Youtube. It is a song that I’m working on called “Animals in the Alley”. I was only able to sing verse 1 and the chorus. But, I’m posting the link and lyrics so you all can decide if you like it. Please, by all means, share and criticise.


Animals in the Alley

The masquerade is over, the night is dead and gone
We lay there together, and reflect on what we’ve done
Underneath the bar light, you caught me with your red eye
I knew what you wanted, by who you were with last night
It’s true that you don’t know one thing about me

Where are all your lovers, where have all your friends gone
She says I’m all alone, everyone has done me wrong
I thought it convenient, that you were the one in need
She said you’re a sweet thing, but I’m the one who’s got the teeth
It’s true that you don’t know one thing about me

(That is what you’ve heard… Here’s the rest before the chorus)

So you and I flirted, until they through us out
We went to the streets, where the demons are allowed
You put your arm in mine, made me feel like a man
Then I was obligated, to take you to the promise land
It’s true that you don’t know one thing about me

She said Hey there beautiful man, can we stop a minute,
And introduce me to you, but put your body in it
No one is around, I’m sure the coast is clear
Back there in the alley, I’ll let you whisper in my ear
It’s true that you don’t know one thing about me.

(Now the chorus… which you heard at the end)

Animals in the alley, you’re going to be my demise,
Your hair in my hand I did pull it until we arrived
Legs entwined finger tips grip that very fleshy skin
Animal in the alley I’m coming back again.

Some of these lyrics might not be like what you’ve heard. I was in a rush and I honestly forgot some of my own song! I hope you all enjoy it, and I seriously hope that you all critique it. Here’s to 4 years of lock up!

Matthew Epperson
DOC #284812

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