Marcus Henderson

The Generation of Hypnosis, by Marc Henderson

We seem to find things more convenient than ever, everything accessible at a moments notice, without delay, that’s a good thing…right??? It amazes me how people gathered together, in different states, from diffrent cultures, for different reasons, under different circumstances, all have the same thing in common…heads down!!! It can be at a graduation, a presentation, fast food establishment, family reunion, school, a sleepover, party’s, lunch breaks, the bmv, no matter where…technology has consumed us!!! nowadays its almost impossible to meet someone without social media, because people sre so absorbed by their phones and tablets it makes a good old fashioned conversation almost impossible to have with a person!!! We are at a point now today with technology at a all time high, that a “C” is no longer necessary for passing, but a “D” qualifys as a passing grade… where the need to read a book is no longer necessary to our youth to obtain quality information, or to become knowledgeable, when they have access to alexi, siri, and Google!!! Have we lost our humanly characteristics, where we are so absorbed in social media, and others people lives, that we can’t even go to the store and spend a hour shopping for clothes or grocerys, without checking our instagram, Facebook, or snap media is a gift, but also a curse!! Cause when we close our laptop, shut down our phones, and our tablets…who is there??? Good old fashioned human contact is what has got us this far as a race! When the husband can tell you more about call of duty than his own wife…and the wife knows more about her followers and friends on fb than her own husband we’re in trouble!!! Let’s find a way to have technology compliment our lives, rather than take over it!!!

Marcus Henderson
DOC #732-916

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