BYE, by Scott Mitchell

Scott Mitchell A636258
PO Box 901
Leavittsburgh, OH. 44430

I am just about done with people and relationships. I don’t, and can’t, understand why people always have to shit on the one person who truly loves them and is really good to them. Why do people always give their love and their respect and their time and their everything else to the people who don’t even come close to deserving it, when the person (me) who is treating them like a queen or a goddess gets their scraps. Why not treat the person who loves you with love? I’m not saying that if a stranger falls in love with you you should fall in love back. I’m talking about relationships that are already underway. One where both people are saying “I love you”. Why does one of those people have to fuck it up most of the time? If the person that I say that I love is giving and giving and giving, I am going to given too. I am not going to just sit back, realize that this person will love me whether I give or not, and not give. I want to give. I want them to feel that same love like they are making me feel. Life and relationships are both on two way streets aren’t they? Somewhere along the way of life, I was never taught to shit on the people who are good to me. I was never taught to shit on anyone. I wish people would just take a look at what they have sometimes and learn to truly appreciate and cherish it. You never know when the person that you have been taken for granted and shitting on is going to get tired of it and leave. That’s what just happened to me. I got tired of getting scraps, and got tired of getting shitted on, and said goodbye to the love of my life.
Actually, if she was the real love of my life, she would of treated me better.
I guess she was just a person I use to know. “BYE”

Scott Mitchell
DOC #A636258

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