Isadore Barboza

Show A Brother Some Love, by ISADORE BARBOZA

Well my day in court has finally come I leave to court in about 29hours for my motion for a new trial(appeal) so I need all the prayer warrior to come out and pray over my case it’s the 12th my hearings on that day but I’ll be in the county jail before hand…..
I wrote a week or so ago but forgot to post my contact information, feel free to drop a brother a line,prison is terrible but the county jail is locked down 23 hours a day,so a visit or letter is all that occupies ones time there ok so please keep me in prayer and show a brother some love…..

I can be reached at:

Isadore Barboza #1014366
Cobb county jail
p.o. Box 100110
Marietta, Ga 30061

From the sixth til after the 12th my address will be the above…..
With much peace and blessing you all have a blessed day….
Sincely an innocent Man,

DOC #1014366

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