Matthew Epperson

Mandolin, by Matthew Epperson

My rhythm guitarist, Ranger, is working on a song for his grandmother, Norma Jean. It is simplistic in nature and revolves around three typical chords. It is meant for his grandmother, and the simplicity is meant to reflect Norma’s way of life. Ranger becomes giddy with excitement when we work on it together because I mentioned throwing a Mandolin in the song. Since Ranger comes from an Irish background, he was over zealous for the idea. So, I’ve working on some scales in the key of G and it has turned out to be an insightful endeavor. I am reminded of how much I love music as I work on this project with Ranger, and I am constantly blown away with how much music relates to itself. Because I understand the dynamic and theory of music, picking up another instrument is a fun and artistic way to stress what I already know to something I know nothing about. Is that strange? Once I figured out how each string is tuned on the Mandi, the rest was like cutting butter. I’m like a chef of notes: once you understand the culinery rules of engagement, you can cut up anything you want. So, I’m in the kitchen every day whipping up a folksy, Irish song with my partner in crime, Ranger. I hope some of you can relate to this and understand the same joy that I have found in music and its relatablity.

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And check John Buckley’s (Ranger’s) youtube channel: John’s Just Thoughts

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Matthew Epperson
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