Jesse Stinson

THE SCIENCE OF LOVE (PART 1 ARTICLE 2.), by Jesse Maurice Stinson

This word , I.e. Love, is such a misused word in our culture. Love is rarely spoken on within our households and communities and for us not to discuss such a strong and influential word we leave it up to others to teach our youth and some of our adults exactly what love is or most commonly what love is not. In my community as is most others I learned what love was thru MTV, by entertainer’s such as LL cool J and the fat Mac, and by what I had observed in my school and my community. As I grew older I began to become conscious enough to attempt to define love for myself. I remember one day my mother was sitting on the front porch as I arrived home in the backstreets of Alabama. Me and my grandmother are really close, and when I got past her on the steps she started to explain to me that my grandmother was sick. Without turning around I went straight to my room and began to cry. After I work thru my emotions I began to not feel afraid because I felt like I could save her myself. I remember just laying in my room on the floor remembering the moments we would be flying down the highway, blasting Shirley Cesar, while drinking gourmet fast food coffee, singing at the top of our lungs. As I did , I remember wrapping her with light in each memory. The light didn’t have love written on it but that was what the feeling gave off. This was an experience that made me rethink how I defined love and confused me regarding what I had learned thus far. Webster defines love as an intense affection.2 A feeling of attraction resulting from desire 3 An enthusiasm or fondness 4 a beloved person. Every last one of those definition’s have nothing to do with love. All those definition’s live in the physical realm. Love combines all 3 realms and transcends them. Scientist predicted that only 0.04 % of the worlds population would obtain what I term as “original Love ” which I will define later. That’s a scary figure. Once our communities begin to teach real love, we will be able to start manifesting it within our communities and within ourselves. We will begin to make decisions out of love and not out of a random emotion we may be feeling or have been harbouring. My theory of love was Presented in a speech I had given in the institution I am currently in. I attempt to break down love on a sciencetific level for my lack of ability or need to define it on an emotional level.

Jesse Maurice Stinson #A710-916
P.O. Box 1812
MARION, OH 43302

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