Eddie Austin

Healthcare for Inmates, by Eddie Austin

You know, I started to say its funny how people really never realize how much is taken for granted. In particular, time, mental health, physical health in the form of a full function of your bodies mobility. Being incarcerated you start to see that care for are health is really a micro priority. When comparing and contrasting, the fact of the matter begins to dawn. This is a sad and F’ed up situation. In a normal setting, no one in here will ever care about your health like the family we have out there will. Prison is a business if nothing positively else; well and a longterm holding facility. Prison’s solutions to medical issues usually end with a bandaid and a handful of knock off ibuprofen.
Just imagin serious moments for people who suffer from seizers, kidney failure, ruptured appendix, aneurisms, cardiac arrest, etc. Its a heck of a sight to see and it makes you sick. To see it take 10 mins to a half hour or more , or for someone to haft to beg for emergency help. That’s just not right. For Corrections officers to give there personal medical assessment if you need medical care is absurd. Then only to turn around and see the same people almost fly to some action when its a fight. SMH. Having a serious medical problem in prisoners is a nightmare. You get all this money from the state for each inmate. Top dollars are what they seek but intern they give us the best care we can get for a few pennys. Seems to me like a spades sand bag rule needs to be in effect here.
Just thoughts.

Eddie Austin
DOC #614826

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