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Inmate Blogger is ready to become the worldwide leader in inmate blogging. We want to give EVERY inmate the opportunity to have a voice through this platform. Blogging is such a positive alternative when compared to all the misconduct that goes on within prison. Writing is a great activity that promotes rehabilitation, growth, and healing.

We have nearly 800 inmates and over 4300 blog posts so far. We do not charge these men and women any kind of fee for blogging. We volunteer our time and give our hearts to InmateBlogger.

Please take a moment to visit our GoFundMe campaign:

Please help us reach our goal so that we can give more inmates a voice. They will benefit so much by being able to write here on Inmate Blogger. Spread the word by sharing this GoFundMe campaign with your friends & family, and you can also visit our DONATIONS page.

Thank you.

Every little bit helps.
Your support means so much!

Steven & Suzie Jennings

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