Caroline Peoples

Dear World, by Caroline Peoples

Dear World its me. The epitome of an angry black woman. Conscious of the turmoil coming. The turmoil that came. How things never change. If you can rearrange truth ? It would still remain true. It would still be plain as day. This is not the way. This is not okay. This is the decay. The dilapidated state. That every aspect of this country is in. Generational sin. Predestinations. Unable to begin again. Unable to rewrite what lies within. So here I am a failure. A survivor. Who knew that survivors fail miserably. Then no one sees what you have overcome. You are now the one. Who committed a crime. Without losing the mind. In a constant state of unfine. No one minds this time. No one forgives. No one lives, with me on their minds. No one understands or cares to see past. The truth that will always last. My heart has adapted itself to function in pieces. To survive on this invisible life support. I don’t understand how I function. How I survive this unspoken reality. How I manage to smile, comfort, encourage. This is why I have removed myself from this marathon. I need to catch my breath. To rest this mind that is exhausted trying to figure out where I am and what is happening to my heart, mind, and soul. What is next to unfold ? What of myself will still be whole or together? Where is my help ? My comfort ? I will end with this. I am human, whole, beautiful, worthy. I attempt to convince you as I struggle to convince myself.

Caroline Peoples
DOC #163969

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