Antonio Powell

A Question of Faith, by Antonio Powell


Chances are for Champions but When I take a chance and fail am I still a champion ????Ask for you to stay but the out date its far away seems like things are unrealistic and it’ll never be but “Its never to late” is what is said unto me how can you be so sure when you don’t know??? the cell squeezing you and your Ready to go lost in the tunnel and you still don’t know its multiple directions which way do I go then I keep getting told its going to get better 2 birds of 1 feather Will no longer flock together So what am I looking for where is at Faith Apart of my attire its finally attach You want the Truth well what is that Wait a min here go the Facts I’ll Be Home,,,,can you just have my back Because To hold faith is to believe in it even if you don’t know but Truth be told You’ve always Known Even if the knowledge was that of a mustard seed But your listening you finally took heed To each and Every need so don’t question it embrace what you have and Hold on to what’s True I use to Question the Faith But it always lived with in me && you

Antonio Powell
DOC #A750-160

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