Angelo Skipper Jr.

Female Problems, by Angelo Skipper

what the fuck is when a woman says “she needz a break”i mean i set back in play mt position which ive been doing for years now,i dont ask for a dime.

see i met this girl years ago on the phone thru her brother.she made it christal clear she wanted nothing to do with a jail relationship which i understood.i just wanted somebody to talk to and hepl keep my minw off this prison shit.well we started talking and feeling started to form after awhile.we’ve talked about getting married and what type ring she wanted and the whole nine….she say she didnt want to commit to me until i came home,you know just to see if i was serious about her and i because the test would be once i was home.and once again i understood where she was coming from.
now here it is years later,i tell her about a female i was writing while this young girl was locked up az well,now that she’s out….she jumped on my fb talking about she loves me to the core and just going on and on,so i tell my woman/friend to jump on my fb and block her.well jpay never sunt her my pass word but she kept getting my other messages,so she tell me im lying about sending her my password which i did… she talking about im hiding something and im telling her tha im not,ive been up front with her since day one.
now she talking about she need her space and she shouldnt of misled me and we shouldnt of been talking about getting married and all the relationship things……

now its like what the fuck,she aint answering the phone nor is she responding to my messages..i knoe its not another man,then again who knows….so im just sitting here lost,confused,head spinning and really dont know what to do.i know she wish i was home to help her out or just to even hold her during the weather and cuddle,ive been in prison 11 years and will soon be home……..why put me thru this shit now?

Angelo Skipper #618720
po box 120
lebanon,oh 45036


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