THE CONVERSATION, by Piankhi Grimes

Peace!! Today I want to Build on the word relationship and what that implies. When you look at the word relationship you see in it the root word relate.So depending upon how We related to someone determines what type of relationship it is. There’s personal,intimate, business, plutonic, cordial, professional, and etc.But,in order for any of these relationships to work all those involved have to know how to relate to one another.After being in prison for a decade now,I’m kind of out of touch with the ladies.Don’t get me wrong,I love women. I just forgot how to relate to them.Simple things like,want do she want in a man?what do she like or don’t like?and how do she want to be treated?I could be wrong but,I think the women of today are different from the women of ten years ago.I mean with the Me Too movement and everything that’s going on with sexual harassment. I’m wondering if women still like to be approached and hit on?do they still flirt and like to be pursued? or is all that taboo now?I’m asking these questions because I want to know how to relate to the women of today.Even though I’m in prison I still think its possible to have a meaningful relationship as long as We know how to relate to each other.Another question thats been on my Mind and if your reading this then this question’s for you. There’s no right or wrong answer only your point of view. What do you think the most intimate form of intercourse there is between a man and a woman,sexual or verbal intercourse? If you think you can answer it get at me at:

Piankhi Grimes #A614067
PO Box 120
Lebanon Oh.45036

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