Suzie on Dr. Phil, by James Tayse

I was very excited to turn on my TV today and see Suzie Jennings on Dr Phil, but to be completely honest I was kind of disappointed with the content, the show seemed to focus on her husband steven, and their marriage, my problem with that is it’s nobody’s business if she chose to marry a inmate, and from his conversation while on the phone was very polite and he sounded very respectful and nothing like the young man who made a mistake when he was only 20, what I wish the show would of focused on was Suzie, as a person and her dedication to helping inmates by giving them a voice. I have been in prison for almost 13 years now and during that time I have never seen anyone as amazing as Suzie, I don’t know if people trully realize how much it means to someone like me to find a place to vent, to share my life and story with others, and she does this for Free I’m not charged, and what people really don’t understand is that while its Free for me its not free for her, she has to cover the cost of stamps and everything else related to letting inmates blog, and she does this for any inmate wishing to blog, which I’m sure is very time consuming. now while I’m very grateful that Dr. Phil has offered her and her husband counseling to help their marriage work, I don’t see the need they both seem like great people and I heard nothing during the show that would indicate the need for counseling, their marriage is probably healthier then most traditional marriages. I would have rather see Dr. Phil, share her work with others and help her in that aspect that way more people would become aware of and perhaps donate time and money to help her help others because she is doing amazing work, and I have honestly never seen anything like it, every so often I will find places that offer resources to inmate’s like free book’s or low cost legal services, pen pal sites, but more often then not the information is outdated, or a scam, the address is old, so what Suzie, does is truly amazing and I would like to see her get the credit she deserves, with that being said if you can donate please do, or at least let her know she is appreciated…

James Tayse
DOC #540-094


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