Its true relationships can form in the most unlikeliest places between the most unlikeliest people.Which proves learning how to relate to other people is the root or foundation of any relationship.Which is why the step is getting to know each other.And this is the most important step for any relationship to work.This is where We begin to learn how to relate to each other.In the Nation of Gods and Earths,We have what are called the Twelve Jewels and the 10th Jewel is Love.Which is defined as Love is the highest elevation of Understanding with a force so strong it cannot be broken.To comprehend the significance of this I would have to enlighten yall to the Mathematical Language which is a set of principles that correspond to each number in the Arabic numeric system,1-9 and a 0.With 10 We have a one and a zero which are the digits that proceeds Love.Mathematically speaking One is the principle of Knowledge and Zero is the principle of Cipher.Knowledge is to look,listen,learn,observe,and also respect.And a Cipher is any person,place,or thing complete within itself.Now you may be wondering,what does that have to do with Love?Well before you can Understand any person,place,or thing you have to first do the Knowledge to it.And unless you learn how to relate to them its impossible to express Love for it.And I think what We are witnessing today with the Harvey Wienstiens and Bill Cosbys.Is men who were never taught or never learned how to relate to women appropriately.And this is why for me I think the most intimate form of intercourse between a man and woman is verbal intercourse.Nothing’s more intimate than our own personal Thoughts.So to conversate with a woman is to get into her Mind,see how she think,her aspirations,opinions,desires,intelligence and all the nuances that makes her unique.This is how We reach the highest elevation of Understanding for one another enabling Us to express real Love.Which brings me to my next question.Why does the good girl fall for the bad guy? And vice versa, why is the bad guy attracted to the good girl?

Piankhi Grimes
DOC #A614-067

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