Donald Parker

I am About to get my Life Back After Serving 5 Years in Prison, by Donald Parker

I am about to be release on Tue. 22 of January .I am glad this is over it was a difficult experience guys in prison go through alot people on the outside just don’t understand prison is very stressful it’s bad enough we are away from our family’s for long period of time on top of that we have to deal with officer’s coming to work with their problems from home taking it out on us in some of those situations we are put in a very difficult situation like standing up on what we believe in some times we get punish for standing up on what we believe in and for demanding respect I just want the world to know and understand that their family members in prison is going through alot so please be supportive of your family member that’s in prison when we call home with nasty attitudes it’s not because of our family members it’s because of the BS we go through every day with these officer’s it’s very stressful they make it hard for you to do your time at peace some guys are stronger than others but some guys just go off and in up being punish for what they do prison is not what people think it is alot of people are being miss treated in prison the Medical Department is not good guys are suffering from bad Medical treatment for example Diabetics are getting toes cut off because of bad Medical treatment a few guys have died because of this Medical Department here at ST. Brides Correction Center I understand we was put in prison for the crime we committed but where does it say treat us like we are not human and like slaves from my understanding prison at this day and time suppose to help guys to be rehabilitated but that’s not happening some guys are leaving prison worst than they came all because of how they are being miss treated in prison well as for me I was one of those strong ones I took all the BS and stayed strong cause I knew I had two beautiful daughters that needed me out there in society and a family that love me and I wanted to change my life around I wanted to be a better father a better Son a better Brother a better Uncle and a better nephew most of all a better Man as a Black Man with a fenloy on my Record it will be challenging but I refused to let that stop me from acompilshing my goals in life sometimes in life obstacles are going to be there but we as Men got to go around them over them through them and to be honest prison help me change my life seeing and going through BS in here made me look at life differently and made me value life in a respectful way so with that said prison can help a person change their life only if they want to change but it’s very difficult for guys to do that in prison because of the miss treatment that goes on in prison I want to be the voice for those Men that’s afraid to speak out about this something need to be done about this cause at the end of the day we are still human and we are more than a dollar Bill prison is all about Money everything cost in prison we pay or our families pay for our canteen (Food) we pay or our families pay for Medical treatment that’s no good we pay or our families pay for our hygiene items like (Toothpaste) (soap) (Deoderant)( lotion) etc. if we want new Boxes, Socks, T-shirts we have to buy them from the property Department for all kinds of prices if any of our property get damage we are focus to pay for it this is the type of things are very difficult for some guys cause some guys have no family support and the job that we have in prison is only paying us 27 a hour for a month and some of those guys don’t get that because some of the guys owe child support and when they take the money out for child support some of the guys are left with $5 to spend through the month that is not enough to live off of in prison those are some of the things that stress guys out in prison so to anybody that have family members that’s in prison please understand and be supportive of them cause we are dealing with alot in prison and these things go on every day every night every month every year but as those days ,nights,months and years,go by alot of guys lose Hope that’s why it’s very important to support these guys cause some of these guys commit suicide they can’t take the miss treatment from officer or high authority guys are dieing in prison not by the hands of another Man that’s serving time in prison if people in society want things to change start with changing the prison system and their Rules and change how prisoners are being treated in prison well this is a message to the world stop listening and do something stand up for your love ones that’s in prison can’t nobody tell you what prison is like but the ones that have served time or that’s serving or those people with family members that’s serving time in prison the ones that goes to visit their family member the ones that fight for their family member Rights and freedom the ones that pick up the phone every time they family member call home please understand I am not talking from anger towards prison or prison officers I am talking from experience and hands on the world is so concern about Donald Trump boarder wall but the real problem is already here in the united state prison systems when are we going to realizes that Mexicans is not the problem it’s our own people here in the United States out in society and in the prison system and as far as the Drugs go the government has control of that Boy!!!! I am sitting here in property packing my stuff for release Man it’s a wonderful feeling right now today is Thursday 17, of January Friday is a holiday Monday is a holiday Tuesday is the day I put all this behind me Thank God I made it through it for all the people in the world know that guys and women that do time in prison for long period of time are very strong individual cause anybody can’t do this time in prison and go through what we go through

Donald Parker
DOC #1021083

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