by Terry Wardlow

Question,If you have to doubt or second guess someone can they still be considered a friend?To me if i have to doubt or second guess the person i have around me they cant be a friend.Why? A friend is a person who one KNOWS,LIKES and TRUST. A person who one is allied with in a struggle or cause.To know you is to have knowledge.I know-your-ledge where you stand and what will push you over the edge.To like,means you are my preferrence,i prefer to have you in my cipher.To trust,I trust everyone one to be who they is,so what you showing me i trust you to be that.Second guessing or doubt is distrust,i disbelieve in you.So i can never look at you as a friend.If i got to wonder,will you do this and that,will you betray me,steal from me,e.t.c,then i know i dont need to be around this person.Friendship suppose to be based on goodness,good means:to have positive qualities,good means:safe,doubt and second guessing is the opposite.Do you agree or disagree?

DOC #A659133


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