by Shaheed James

The one thing that is of no debate and that is the Fishback bill is lawmakers mistake and the Va Supreme Court backs this assertion however not one person in opposition of correcting this mistake has acknowledgement,Why?Many have said,they haven’t seen any evidence of the sentences being different had they known about Parole,some have went so far as to say these defendants are at fault for going to trial,and the Governor can fix it if he so chooses but I ask you has any of those Republican responses say anything about the error itself or who caused it?Lawmakers to my understanding are promoters of accountability as they make laws so how are they being paid to avoid accountability on themselves?If Lawmakers are willing to look the other way on those serving unlawful sentences then how can you have any confidence in those convictions?

Shaheed James
DOC #1015960

Categories: law, Shaheed James

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