Introduction Blog, by Eric Bolton

Hi, my name is Eric and i write to tell you a little about myself. I am the only child my deceased mother had. My birthday is New Year’s Day and i am a Capricorn. My hobbies are painting, doing ‘Wood-Burnings,’ and playing Chess.

My dream is to one day be a Pastor as i love the Lord tremendously. I minister here at the facility and i’m viewed on t.v. on a regular basis. I have an Associate & Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Ministry. I also have a Diploma in Culinary Arts as i thoroughly enjoy cooking. I am certified in C.P.R., First Aid, Asbestos Removal, General Construction, and Concrete Finishing. I love to laugh and smile and i enjoy being in the presence of others that enjoy these things as well.

I am actively pursuing my freedom and collecting evidence to establish my innocence. Painting is the means by which i survive and hope to one day have enough to pay an attorney to help me.

The attached painting is valued at $225.00, however, i will accept a reasonable offer. This painting is of a Bourbon Street scene in New Orleans, La. It is done in acrylic, on canvass, is gallery wrapped and measures 19×39 in size.

Anyone interested in contacting me may do so by going on-line to Jpay.Com, typing in my name and number, (Eric Bolton #332943) and sending me an email. I will promptly respond as i don’t think it’s fair to keep you waiting. And anyone interested in purchasing an item may contact Ms. Levy at “Latausha Levy 38”

May God bless you abundantly.

Eric Bolton
DOC #00332943

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  1. I read your comments, I do not belong to a religion for starters. If you have access to a computer take a look at the Khabouris Codex. If you can order books, get a book called Jews God and History 2nd Edition, Max I Dimont. I am not a Jew it is one thing to Love the Lord but it is another thing to find him. Turn your eyes to the East and watch the Sun rise in the morning, cross the Euphrates river to the city of Ur in the ancient lands of Mesopotamia it is there that you will find me. I like you started life in prison but I took it upon myself to journeyed back into the ancient lands of Mesopotamia it was in the region of Ur, I found my peace. From Gen. 2: 17 turn your eyes to the East and ascend into heaven Just food for thought from a fellow traveler.


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