Nakeem Williams

Work, by Nakeem Williams (Keem)

The work ethic is a whole notha level. I mean day in day out its music. So focus on music the time jus flying. Utilizing this time to perfect my craft and become the best me I could ever be. The world don’t even know what’s in store for em. My whole purpose of putting in all this work is to put on for my family and my friends so they don’t have to worry bout shit. Me being in here jus enhance that motivation and make me go harder. Everything they say I can’t do, I do it. It ain’t shit in this world I can’t do and I’m accomplishing shit while being incarcerated that guys ain’t doing out there in the free world. I’m jus waiting on my time to be expanded. Wait till I get released, ima show my ass like my pants sagging straight up. Its on! I don’t do this fa me its all about the people. Me working hard it to be able to assist others and let them know they not alone out here. That’s what work is about to me. Work is to not jus benefit yaself but others also.

Nakeem Williams
DOC #658-688

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