Keith Brooks

Positive Energy, by rapper/author Keith “Chaos Loc” Brooks

Hello everyone! Today I want to speak on positive energy. If you want to be successful and stress free in life, stay surrounded by positive energy on a daily basis. Since my last blog, I’ve been promoting my new album “Coast Gang Musicc” and my “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” book. I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedbacc. That positive feedbacc is motivating me to go even harder.

Since the release of my new book and album, a lot of doors has been opening up for me. Quite of few successful positive individuals in the corporate world has been reaching out to me. Those that read my book was touched by my story. Now I have some very big TV and radio interviews scheduled for the near future. Very important people in some very high places want me to share my story with At Risk youth across the nation.

I’m being asked to share my story to the youth of today, so they can learn from my experiences, and avoid going through the things that I’ve went through in my life. I agreed to use my life story as an example, and send a positive message out to the world. If sharing my story will help save lives, I’m down to contribute to the cause. “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” will be followed up with a sequel. So much has happened in my life since I released the book. A lot of positive things has come into my life, so I want to share my new experiences with the world. Since I’ve sincerely decided to live a positive lifestyle and focus on my career, my life has changed dramatically.

More positive things are going to continue to happen in my life, as long as I continue to stay focused and put out positive energy. I keep positive energy around me, and I stay far away from negative vibes. Negative vibes can only create a negative situation and set me bacc, so I keep my distance. I respond well to positive energy, so I’m going to continue to put out positive messages to the public.

Since I’ve decided to change, I’ve met some very positive individuals that are now a part of my life. I’ll be coming home from prison soon. Once I get released, I’m blessing my Unoz with an opportunity to make their situations better. My mission is to become successful in the entertainment industry, accomplish all of my short and long-term goals while I help save lives at the same time. Although I come first, it’s also about helping others in need.

Last but not least, I would like to speak on my new album and my book. I just released my new album “Coast Gang Musicc” on all music platforms, and I would like for everyone that is reading this blog to download it. Music by Chaos Loc is very easy to find, so look me up and support my new album.

“Coast Gang Musicc” features the songs “Chasing My Dreams” “Eastside” “East Da Deal” “Bail Money” “Chasing Da Bag” “Rapbay Til I’m Dead” and “I Don’t Know U”. If you listen to CD’s, you can order Chaos Loc CDs from from Log onto and place your order now!

My new book “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” is one of the best books out right now. This book is a must have. This story is 100% real and uncut. If you want to read a book with no boundaries, order “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” by Keith “Chaos Loc” Brooks. You can order a copy of this book from,, or Barnes & Noble. Place your order now!

Here is a link to my book and link to my Coast Gang video, and also a couple links to some tracks from my new album Coast Gang Muzicc.


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