Many people want to know the answer to a question that no amount of money can solve: Why do so many marital realtionships fail? We go to the altar, say I do, make an oath, and even swear to be together til death to us part. Yet, the reality is divorce rates are high and getting higher. People cheat, fight, or somethimes get tired of one another.
So why do relationships fail? the bible says if you build your house on sand, when the storm comes your house will wash away. Same thing about building a house on mud. But if you build your house on solid ground, after the storm passes it will still be there. Is the Bible literally describing a physical house or a spiritual house? Well, you, the reader, are pretty smart so you know the answer to that.
A spiritual house needs to have a spiritual foundation in order to survive a storm (hardships). That foundation is God. It is only He that can give you some of His strength and Will to go on after facing any hardship or difficulty in life.
The Bible says that God will never place an obstacle before us that we can’t handle. True. Now in a relationship between a man and a woman, the very first thing they must establish, after being interested in each other, is here do they stand with God. because God is the glue that will hold them together, the fabirc that will protect them and the foundation that will support a healthy relationship between two believers. the relationship must be grounded in scripture. the two lovers must pray together and read the Bible together at home and not just become ‘churchy’ at church. they must also become each other’s best friend.
they cant just believe in God, for that is not enought to support a healthy realtionship. They must also walk in faith. Doubt is the road to the devils lair. Its amazing, yet funny, how believers/lovers never get tired of God, but they get tired of each other. you know why, because their spiritual eyes are shut so they can’t see God inside their mate! Think about it. You have to open your spiritual eye and see God in the other person. this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship between two believers. the corner-stone for a successfully long lasting relationship that only ends on earth, ‘Til deal due us part.’ this is marraige. A bond between two lovers/believers that can never be seperated. for the bible says what God brings together, can’t no man take apart.
only, the devil doesn’t want you to have a realtionship like this. because when you have a relationship like this, he can’t get to you. Step out on faith; your spiritual eye can see things that your physical eye cannot, but the devil will have you seeing with one and not the other. Listen to your spirit and remember that God doesn’t set mental obstacles in relationships like age (two adults), looks, locations, and financial success. These are all means of measurement that the devil uses to keep from being together and experience a love that is so good so pure, so beautiful, that we will never ever even entertain the thought of being without one another.
When God dwells in us, and our spiritual eyes make contact, we just know…We are meant for each other. And that’s a fact.

What exactly is marraige?
Marraige is a union. the joining of two couples of opposite sex. but on a deeper level, marraige is the culmination of two souls. It’s the beginning of a journey that intertwines the two souls into one with two purposes. Serving God and blissful happiness! Happiness comes from worship in the home, and at church; plus from making the other spouse feel not just good, but great, lovable, and a person who is desired ALL THE TIME. Not some time. ALL THE TIME!! Isn’t this how you want to feel?
Start walking in faith, if you aren’t married, don’t worry, it will come. the bible says, “Seek ye first, His Kingdom and His Righteousness and all good things will come.”

Note: All

Walter West is presented incarcerated and in his 20th year and only 36 yrs old. He enjoys reading, writes poetry, and is currently working on his first novel. If you have any questions concerning this text, about prison, or just want to say Hello, you may email him thru, Walter West #426915
(state Louisiana)
snail mail at:

Walter West #426915
Raymond Laborde CC/ C3-C1
1630 Prison Road
Cottonport, La 71327

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