The Loss of Hope, by Michael Sammons

I seen a man commit suicide right in front of me today.
He stood on the top tier, one end of a sheet tied around his neck, the other end tied to the rail.
He waited for the captain to be called to the pod so he could tell her thank you for everything she tried to do to help him, and as I stood helplessly watching from out the window of my door, he jumped.
The fall didn’t break his neck but it was enough to crush his windpipe, and even though the staff responded as quickly as they could , he later died before he could be taken to the hospital.

I have been in prison for the last 21 years and I have never seen anything like that before.
“Pacman” was my nextdoor neighbor and a good person. And now he’s dead.

Given a sentence that he couldn’t do, he had lost all hope.
When Virgina abolished Parole and enacted ‘true sentencing’ policies they essentially took away any hope that we could ever have of being granted a second chance.
How does anyone expect a man to receive a 60 year sentence under the “new law” and think they will be able to serve out that time and get out of prison again one day ?
When you lock someone up, and give them so much time that they can’t do, thereby telling them they are going to die in here, you take away all of their hope.
At least with Parole, even if you never grant it to them, its having the possibility that they might be allowed to go home one day that gives inmates a reason to want to live and do right.
When you tell them they are going to spend the rest of their life in prison and will never even be considered for a second chance, – that is the definition of cruel and unusual punishment !

My only hope is that one day Virigina Will bring parole back , for everyone.
That I will be given a second chance and be allowed to come home. My family and friends pray for my release everyday. And I am filing a Clemency Petition this year for the first time.
I have been in prison since I turned 18.
I have served 21 concecutive years of a 63 year sentence.
Isn’t that enough ?
Am I not worth a second chance ?

I wish pacman would have believed he was worth it !

Michael Sammons
DOC #1176674

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