Kenneth Watt


I started off a good kid a real sweetheart the sweetheart part never left me but the good kid part was over…IT all started on my way home from open gym after school, my mother was working so I had to walk home with some friends I had just met that year, it was a dark night and me and my friends had rolled up and smoked some weed as we started our walk home, one of my friends who must have already become a seasoned thief walks up to a house not far from our school and knocks on the door when someone answered he would say in a very nice voice hello sir or Mame is Cris home when they told him cris doesn’t live her he would say sorry it must be The wrong house then he would go to another house, once we got to a house where no one came to the front door he would then knock at the side door then the back once he came to the conclusion no one was home he goes to the side window tells me to pick him up when I pick him up he breaks the window and climbs in once inside he then comes to the door and unlocks it and says come on, without thinking and trying to be cool around my new friends I walk inside and see them turning the house upside down, I run upstairs and followed what they were doing, as I’m flipping the matress I spot a black gun it was nine millameter I also found 700$ I was excited so I ran downstairs and showed my friends what I found soon as they saw it they said lets go and we ran out the house, I ended up giving the guys I was with 200$ each and keeping 300$ for myself the plan was to share the gun but once I got home and walked threw my neighborhood with the gun on me and discovered the power and respect it demanded I wasn’t giving up my gun to nobody………………………………..(TO BE CONTINUED)

Kenneth Watt
DOC #729-654


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