Freedom, by Maurice Robinson

I haven’t seen physical freedom or experience the freedom as one may describe it since April 10th of 1992. Over the years I’ve always heard freedom was a state of mind. Well try being told when you can eat, shower or sleep and see how free you will feel mentally.
I see the parole board for the sixth and hopefully final time in Feb. of 2019. In which I am constantly asked the same old question, What’s the first thing I wanna do when I get out ?
1.) I wish to take a bath, in prison we don’t have that luxury. All we are provided with is showers. So as wierd as it may sound I would love to take a long, soothing hot bath my first day home. And then perhaps a nice ass nap, I haven’t slept in a nice, normal and comfortable queen sized bed in almost 27 years now. All I have slept on these last 27 years is bunk beds…
2.) I want to enjoy some real live cooked food, none of that turkey flavored processed mess I been eating since I was 18 or 19 years old. I’m not eager for any fast food my first nigt home. I want real fried chicken, mac and cheese and maybe a home made dessert.
3.) I guess the most important thing I would like to enjoy after finally acquiring my freedom is a nice, mature woman to help create a new life with. You know show me the world and how things go now.
I haven’t had the company of a real woman in a few years now. So I hope to find a woman that’s into monogamy, honesty, communication and alot of toe curling, mindblowing sex !!!
Afterwards I need a job, I want responsibility so bad. I crave to contribute to my woman’s life as well as my own.. So if you are reading this and for whatever reason become intrigued or interested in getting to know a man:
” Who stands 5’9 and 3 quarters and weighs about 145 lbs, well rounded in conversation due to being educated in both the academical and street sense… I have no kids, no other baggage aside from being prison a couple of decades.
I’m generous, kind hearted, thoughtful, very compassionate/ romantic and extremely loyal. Mongamy is very important to me, I am god fearing and love to laugh. ”
Please feel free to email me;
@ Maurice Robinson #274715
write me @
Maurice Robinson #274715
P.O. Box 8107
Mansfield, Oh. 44901
Maybe you can show me something about Freedom that I forgot to mention or maybe never experienced yet. I’d love to hear from you… Until then I am

Maurice Robinson
DOC #274715

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