Happy Holidays, by Matthew Epperson

Let us not forget what this time of year is about…. GREED! HAHAHA! Pilaging and scouring the land for the most marketable devices and buying in to the subliminal messages sent out by massive corporations! Let’s get, get, GET! Not give, give, GIVE! Every man for himself, no stone left unturned. Woman and children have no place to hide; the policing authorities have vanished, and the law of the land is vanquished. Waste your money on futile gifts that become discarded within a month. Bite your tongues on the thought of in-laws overstaying their welcome. Sure, send a good tidings card to the neighbors or the office co-workers, but make sure you buy the most lousy excuse for a card you can find. They are not worth it. YOU are the one that is worth the fancy cards. Indulge in food, merriment, and debauchery! Woe to the families who have nothing. Woe to the blue collared holiday worker. Woe to the travellers of this time of year. Build up an empire dedicated of self-fornication out of the THINGS that can be bought. Lavish yourselves with the taste of expensive choices. BUY IN BUY IN BUY!!!!!!!!

If only promotional marketing said it like this instead of hiding behind flattery.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Go see something live!

Matthew Epperson
DOC #284812

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