Travis Smith


What the fuck is it with these assholes killing their fiancee’s and wives and kids? I would of thanked god every morning I got up and kissed my wife or woman if I had found a good one…These women that are being killed seem to be nice kind ladies that come from good families and are sweet. How are these violent psychos ending up with them. I had crazy psychological disturbed girlfriends that cheated on me and threw things at me and I did’nt do any thing but duck and leave until they came to their senses. Life is sometimes a cosmic joke is all I can conclude. I dont mean that about these girls being killed, but just how things seem to work out. I have witnessed and personally experienced the dumb twisted dance of loves mocking antics. I’m referring to boy likes girl, but girl likes boys friend but the friend does not like girl type of thing it is amazing people end up together at all , aside from the beautiful people anyhow , but us normal mostly unattractive people should of died off centuries ago , I guess that is why god or nature made alcohol , so as to perpetuate the ” regular” folk in order to maintain the utilitarian foundation of society and civilization. The smart superior and superbly gorgeous that the universe seems to be rewarding by means of some cosmic karma for past lives of extraordinary acts that must of been of the utmost service to the human race or perhaps some other planet just keep their blood line closed off besides the occasional straying of some unattractive rich or super slick guy that managed to either pay for a woman out of his league or tricked her some how crossed the lines and allowed for , well we will call them “cute” people at least. Okay , so now at some point we at least have cute people that are smart enough to get a foot in the door of the good life and don’t have to be inebriated in order to make love.
Back to the other thing , I really do feel bad for these women that lost their lives because of just bad luck placing them in the paths of these killers in disguise.It is a shame to think of how thy thought their life was going well and in a good direction while their spouse was secretly plotting against them. This latest episode , again in Colorado , was very sad when you hear the poor woman’s friend talking about how happy she was. It makes you realize she was completely oblivious to her boyfriend’s intentions. I can’t understand why they don’t just end it with these women in a normal manner. It is just fucking frustrating. I mentioned in the last article about how these athletes keep knocking around these females without any consequences. And it doesn’t make sense when you hear that the woman married the guy a month later. Think about all the incidents that aren’t caught on camera. I guess there are just always going to be ungly aspects of life.
I must put myself in the unattractive category… because when I look in the mirror at my crooked face and crazy looking eyes and I’m also ,To quote George Castanza from Seinfeld , short , stocky , slow witted bald guy , I can’t believe any woman ever let me kiss them and press my disgusting naked body against theirs , its just …… amazing, absolutely amazing. But , ladies I never fucking killed anyone at least. These dudes that are killing these women look like normal nice gentlemen. What the hell. See what I mean about cosmic joke , I was always goofy about girls wanting to wrote poems and hold hands skipping through a sunny meadow , but god made me look like a mouth breathing crazed wild cave man that couldn’t spell poem…so all I could ever manage to attract were wild crazy part girls that loved drugs and money… screw you god , screw you , yeah and thanks GOD !!!CAUSE NOW IM SITTING IN HERE BECAUSE THE LAST PARTY GIRL I WAS WITH STOLE MY WINDOW MONEY AND CAUSED ME TO GO ROB A BANK IN Order to pay the window people ….Its all in my book ,where the oxycontin are… coming soon at amazon books ….soon , not now…seriously I know it is my fault for robbing the bank(s), but I do blame god for making me short and slow witted. and ugly…fuck , screw you mother fucker…oh yeah and I have a big giant nose that makes me cross eyed when I read because all I can see is the tip of it in my middle field of vision. the police even identified me because of it … ha , look its the big giant nose robber..don’t shoot the nose , we need it for court so the witnesses can , screw you …..
well , it doesn’t matter now does it…. life goes on and drags me along for the ride. I am just trying to cope with it the best way I can… I still remember being in grade school and being with a couple of friends and these girls came over to hang out with us. This cute little freckled girl was there that I had a crush on. I was shy and awkward around girls, still even a little today , so when I had a spell and clammed up , my crush , the cute little freckled girl said come let’s play this game , Travis is being too quiet , so he can’t play….I felt terrible and traumatized… and here I am in my 40s , a grown man , in prison , and the same thing has happened in a weird type of way… a cute freckled girl (woman) has kind of did a similar thing and hurt my feelings , not intentionally -shes a nice lady , but it is an example of life’s great circle. Your a funny god , funny god…..ha , fucking ha ….

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