I would like to start an organization called “free my brothers and sisters”that helps those of us who were unjustly convicted due to an inability to hire an attorney,my dream is to raise money to hire the help we so desperately need
some how I’d like to get it linked to a “go fund me” page and once money is raised hire attorneys to get us the justice we deserve..
So if there’s anyone out there with the time and knowledge to help make this happen you are needed,contact me thru my jpay account which will be at the end of this email let’s put an end to injustice together….
I can be reached two ways,

1) ISADORE BARBOZA1001655192,p.o. box 5368,Valdosta Ga 31603 or

2) ISADORE BARBOZA 1001655192
Georgia department of corrections..

Thank you for reading this and more for your help, share my thoughts of this organization with friends and family on Facebook,Twitter,or any and all other
social media platforms,peace and blessings..
May you all have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year God bless..
Sincerely an innocent Man

DOC #1001655192

Categories: INNOCENCE, Isadore Barboza

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